Online Trading Concept In Islam

Mostly, people confused about the concept of online trading according to Islam. Best feature that makes Khadija commodities suitable for traders from Pakistan, is that they offer Islamic trading accounts. These accounts are free from interest,because as these transaction Islam does not permit.

Some online trading companies offers swap, basically swap is interest. But Khadija commodities offers to their client swap free accounts.  Basically, interest is Haram in Islam. If, you are doing online trading business according to Islamic rules that business is fine. If, you follow the online trading with strategic way, then trading become Halal. Islam encouraging to profit and loss sharing. Margin trading is realistic, because you buy 10% of that and then increase timely, and after two years the rates goes up, you can sell, that’s fine. These type of accounts that attractive to clients based on Islamic rules in Islamic Countries, Like in Pakistan.

There are different psyche of people have different questions in mind, like who is buyer and seller behind this Stock market? So definitely some trader is behind this market who sells and buys different products.

Secondly, is there fixation or not? So, there is no fixation in this business. Another question is that which products are Halal or Haram? So, in online trading mostly trading on these products like Metals, Currencies, and commodities. These all products are definitely Halal in Islam.

Khadija Commodities is offering purely based on Islamic way business. Khadija Commodities Provides educational information and trading tools, articles, trading indicators, and educational videos, about online trading. A minimum deposit 25000, just required for open an account in Khadija commodities.

If you are more confusing in Online trading about Islamic point of view, then you can follow this link: or call at…0301-8641108







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Silver is also used as an investment. Traders take so much interest to invest in silver.Traditionally gold and silver costs demonstrate a strong positive association. Several traders focus on gold-silver relative prices for buying and selling.

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