Crude Oil

Crude oil is very important and well known commodity in international market. Its price has high affect on market. There is continuously trading in this commodity in international market. Its data affects on other commodities and currencies because it is most important energy resource. Light sweet is well known kind of crude oil that is merchandised on New York Mercantile Stock Exchange(NYMEX). One more kind of crude oil is brent oil which is mostly merchandised in London.

In international market its quantity measures in barrels. In Pakistan its quantity is in liter. One barrel has 42 gallons and one gallon has 3.78 liters. There are three lot sizes in crude oil contract.

                       1 micro lot = 10 barrel

                       1 mini lot = 100 barrel

                       1 standard lot = 1000 barrel

Its data release on Wednesday of every week. Its contract remains for one month. In history crude oil touched the high level of $149.30 and in also touched the low level of $ 24.40 in previous years. Daily move of crude oil is almost 2 to 3 dollars but some time it moves more than 3 to 4 dollars but it depends on crude oil data and inventories and also some kind of news can move the price of crude oil.

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