Gold is an international product. All countries worth is according to gold. Economist says as much gold would be in a country as much it would be worthy. Gold is traded in almost all over the world. Currently Gold Rate is in international Market is 1247.00 Dollar per oz. Of course gold prices are depending on demand and supply rule.

In our Pakistan gold is traded in tolas. In Pakistan Local Market Gold rate is now a days almost 50000.00 Per Tola. We can calculate the gold rate in tola by this formula. 

Market X Dollar/2.66 =Tola Price in PKR.

For Example if International Gold Price is $1250.00 and Dollar Rate is 100.00 PKR and as we know that in 1 Oz Gold there are 2.66 Tola so after putting the values in above formula we will have the gold price of 1 tola in PKR.


1250 x 100/2.66 =46992 PKR

So 46992 is 1 tola price of gold in PKR.

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