The Australian dollar is the coinage of the Australia. Its symbolic representation is “$” and also it is often represented by A$ or AU$to differentiate from the currencies that are dollar dominated. Its code is AUD.

Its rank was five in the list of most traded exchange of the world in 2016. The Australian dollar is admired by traders who like to trade in currency due to relatively high interest rates in Australia, the comparative independence of the international exchange market from government involvement, the common strength of Australia’s financial and opinionated system. The currency is generally called “Aussie dollar” by forex traders.

Australia is the prevalent coal and iron exporter and so the plight of its currency is greatly reliant on goods prices. In 2015, the Australian dollar price fell down rapidly due to drooping of iron and coal prices.

AUD-USD is the short form for Australian dollar and U.S dollar exchange pair. The pair shows value of U.S dollars in one Australian dollar.

1 AUD = 0.80 US dollar

The AUD/USD has rank four in the list of most traded currency but is not included in the six currencies that makeup the U.S dollar index (USDX).