Swiss franc is a governmental currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Swiss Franc is also called “swissie” by currency traders in forex market and its rank is six in the list of maximum traded currency in 2016. Forex exchange is the greatest worldwide economic exchange and consists of U.S.$ 5 trillion bulk on daily basis.

The Swiss franc involves a great part of this trade. In case of uncertainties in different markets and investments, the swiss franc is thought a safe heaven. Several reasons make this currency unwavering comprising. Political firmness, its solid act rule, its constant position concerns to international matters, and its western attitude to professional matters.

Moreover, Switzerland’s administration and the swiss National Bank are non-interfering.

USD/CHF is the short form for U.S dollars and swiss franc exchange pair. It shows value of swiss franc in one U.S dollar.


1 U.S. dollar = 0.96 swiss franc

Increase and decrease in rates of U.S dollar and swiss franc with respect to each other and other currencies have impact on USD/CHF. So difference of interest rates of federal reserve (Fed) and the bank of Canada (BoC) will have impact the rates of these currencies when compared to each other.